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The Origin Story of Blyss

The word BLISS has always been one of my favorite words. It conveys an extra “umph” that the word happiness just doesn’t seem to get across. In my opinion, Bliss is the highest state of joy there is. I liken it to what unconditional love feels like.

In fact, I loved the word so much that I included it in the name of my second business, Blissfully Simple Events. Wedding planning and Bliss go hand in hand, and I was able to insert my favorite word into my daily life. #Winning!

25 years of my life was dedicated to helping couples have a Blissfully Simple wedding, and I worked with some truly amazing people. It was fun, exciting, and extremely satisfying seeing everything I planned and designed come together to create a beautiful experience for the couple and their family. I was living my bliss.

But when I turned 45, I found I was just not happy anymore. I was making great money (finally), but I was angry or frustrated all the time. The wedding industry had changed drastically, it had become a toxic environment, and no longer felt blissful. However, the thought of letting go of a business that was paying the bills just because I wasn’t enjoying it – made no sense financially. It was just easier to keep going, make the money, and hope that it gets better.

Spoiler alert:

It did not.

Then Covid happened.

Like everyone else in the world, I was being forced to take a PAUSE which gave me the downtime I needed to figure out what really made me giddy with excitement. I was finally able to listen and hear what I was being called to do because everything else in my life had slowed down. It was time to find what made me truly happy – choosing to live my Bliss (my highest state of joy) unapologetically.

I wanted to spend some time remembering who Crista was and what I wanted out of life. I was going to write about my journey of healing and transformation. The idea of this sent an exciting bolt of electricity through my body, and I knew I had chosen the right path.

I chose the name Bliss Chick.

It was perfect because I was 47-year-old woman, getting awfully close to that big “half a century number” and I realized it was time for a big change. Now, I was post-menopausal, unapologetically honest, and my filter had disappeared altogether. I wanted to get back to basics and remember who Crista was after spending the last 25 years of actively raising a family and running a business. It was MY time to live for ME and I was totally psyched about throwing myself into the deep end.

However, when I went to buy the domain name, it wasn’t available.

Well… poop.

So, I had a choice to make; do I choose a new name (and let go of all the yummy energy and attraction I felt toward it), or do I buck the system, spell it uniquely, and ultimately, get what I want?

Without missing a beat, my brain sarcastically responded to my rhetorical question with, “Why not?”


My brain interjects once more, slightly frustrated, “Get it Crista – ‘Y’ not?”

And with that, Blyss Chick was born.

A platform where I can be ME. My own space to share what I’ve been through and what worked for me as I was healing and growing into this spectacular 50-year-old Gen X woman with thinning hair. Interested? You know you want to.

In those years I did a lot of inner work.  The amount of stress I was carrying was making me extremely sick. I had no idea how much silent damage stress does to a body and there absolutely comes a time when you will cross the line of no return. When you do so much damage, you can no longer fix it. I had to choose whether I was going to literally die for my family (which I would willingly do); or live for them?

NOTE: dying is easy, living is harder. Your family wants you alive, for as long as possible; even your teenagers, I promise. Go ahead and ask them – they will tell you!

I chose to live for my family and while it was a bit scary, it came with a nice bonus of leveling up. Just like the videogames my kids play, you are supposed to move up, not stagnate on the same level/world. That’s what I had done. I was far too comfortable in staying in the known, rather than being open to the unknown. It was simpler to stay put, rather than moving onto to the next adventure.

But that is not what the game is for. It is to master one level and then move up to the next. Of course it will be harder, that is the point. Go willingly into the unknown and experience the highs and lows this new level will teach you. Yes, you will make mistakes. No, it will not all be fun. It might even be significantly harder than you expected, but that is what the game of life is all about.

I consider each new level I am on as the present moment. I don’t want to look back at lower levels, that is the past. I didn’t want to think about the future because I wasn’t there yet. I want to be fully present and master all the lessons before moving up again. In fact, I’ve found that on higher levels, you learn advanced techniques that make the tools you used on lower levels obsolete.

How freaking cool!

This has been a life-changing Self-Sare journey that has completely transformed the way I perceive my reality. I have learned how to:

  • love myself as is.
  • look at this physical body and thank it for allowing me to experience life and all it has to offer.
  • clearly see and accept the responsibility I played in every aspect of my life and learn from it.
  • work through trauma, I didn’t even know I had and then to let it go and finally heal.

I embraced these undeniable facts:

  • I am loved
  • I am worthy
  • I deserve to live my Blyss unapologetically.

Once I started living that way, I felt a sense of freedom and joy consistently. I didn’t know that I could feel that way every day. I love knowing that I can focus on making my life happier and more joyful without shame. I learn how to say no, create & stick to boundaries, slow down, and give myself grace. All of this trickled down into all aspects of my life – it made me a better wife, better mom, and a better business owner. All because I focused on me – Crista the girl, the adolescent, the woman.

But wait – there’s more!

I was frequently called a superwoman by my colleagues, and while it was always meant as a compliment, it made me feel as if other women looked at me as like I had some kind of superpower that they didn’t, and THAT was complete bullshit. I wanted women to know that I was not perfect, I make mistakes (a LOT of them) and that women no longer need to hide behind the glorious capes we wear in order to look like we have our shit together. I was going to prove it by letting go of the Superwoman Complex and I decided to write a book about my experiences. Called,

“Ditch the F**king Cape: Confessions of a so-called Superwoman.”

After the huge success of the book, I was ready to move onto my next adventure.

So, I asked myself, “What now, Crista? What is it that your soul is calling out for?”

The answer popped into my head so fast and loud, I just decided to trust it. It was almost like someone smacked me on the side of my head and listen up! That voice said…

“Crista, share your stories and experiences with other women who are going through the same fears, struggles, and overwhelm that you are. Teach them the steps it takes to stop sleepwalking through life, to remember who they really are, and to start loving themselves without any expectations or arbitrary societal models to fit within. Create a virtual space where a community of women can come together to learn, share, grow, and heal. That is your calling.”

Or something close to that. You get it.

I was to create a new movement – a Blyss Movement (“Y” not?). A community of women who choose to remember and embrace their Blyss; then share by empowering others to do the same.

A public Facebook group for women who are ready for a big change in their lives. You can become a Blyss Chick yourself – join our Community on Facebook here (yes, that is a shameless plug – but I’m totally ok with it).

Now, the “Y” in Blyss has now taken on yet another new meaning for me. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. :0)

It’s a reminder that I am supposed to tell women that the “Y” stands for YOU!

Your “why” in life is not your kids, husband, work, parents, or how much money you have. It is literally YOU.

Yes, seriously.

No more fear stopping you from doing anything (and we make decisions from fear many more times a day than you might think.) This lifetime is about YOU – what you feel, how you relate, how you react, how you feel, see, and express unconditional love.

It is not selfish to focus on you (for once) it is literally self-preservation. We have never been as technologically advanced as we are right now. We are always plugged in, turned on, and tuned in (as Abraham Hicks says). When I was a kid and went to the mall, I had no cell phone, life 360, or GPS system where my parents could get in touch with me. I was completely disconnected, and it was freaking glorious. These days, you have to go off-grid to get privacy. If you are mom, you know what I mean. I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself for more than 20 years straight. Our bodies NEED rest and alone time more than we know.

We get burnt out so quickly that we feel like we are drowning. I never want to feel as if I am going under again, sputtering and spitting out the water that just kept coming back. I’m tired of struggling, feeling guilty, and never being able to catch up. I want to learn how to swim through life easily – and sometimes just drift on a unicorn floaty, with a margarita in my hand just being the goddess I am.

I decided to offer a public space where women can get out of the water to rest, heal, and learn strategies and techniques that really work. Deep in my soul I know this is meant to be. No more fear. No more worrying about the format, the way I write, the colors and name. I need to allow myself to be “Just Crista” and trust that the women meant to hear my story will find me in the easiest and quickest way possible. I leave that up to Source.

New level acquired!

So, without further ado…

A platform to create content about what I have experienced in the past 50 years as a wife, a mom, a business owner, but more importantly – a woman. It is a safe space to tell stories, share experiences, and offer resources to help you remember your “Y”.

Because the “Y” stands for YOU, chicky pooh.

But I am not stopping there, and I mean why would I? If I truly want to make a difference without any fear holding me back there was no time like the present.

If not now, when?

It is my calling in life to help other women remember their Blyss and I am going to do what it takes to help them make the biggest changes in the fastest way possible.

2024 is the Year of the Woman and I have one more vision that I am determined to make a reality.

Coming soon…

Carefully designed women-only small group retreats. Crafted to support you as YOU, not just the wife, mother, friend, professional, or creative roles you play. You’ll find space and safety to let go of all the expectations and responsibilities of your daily life (in amazing locations) while connecting with like-minded women who crave to find the joy and meaning in their lives.

The soft launch of our first retreat will be in the stunning Scottish Highlands, September 22-28th of this year. This event, named “Tha Mi Diesel” Scots Gaelic for I AM READY will be absolutely epic, and I am looking for 7 more women who are looking to change their lives, remember their Blyss, and do it in the quickest amount of time. This retreat is intensive and will be life changing. Besides, there will be men in kilts. Need I say more?

Interested in leaving everything behind for 7 days, exploring the magical landscape of the Scottish Highlands, and digging deep to remember who you are? Learn more here.


We will visit the otherworldly Fairy Pools while on the Isle of Skye

Well, That’s it – for now.

I hope you are still with me because the best is yet to come, and I would really like the company. The power a woman has to change the world is unstoppable. Imagine what we could do if we band together.


  • You are loved.
  • You are worthy.
  • You deserve to live your Blyss unapologetically.

Are you in?

Welcome to my world!

Now, let’s get Blyssed.

Crista Tharp

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