Crista Tharp sitting on a couch with a red shirt on
Hi, I'm Crista Tharp!
Wife to a stud, mom to 10 kids, entrepreneur, author, storyteller, and on a Self-Care journey of epic proportions.

When I was 41, I found out that stress was killing me - quickly. I thought the headaches, thinning hair, chronic exhaustion, weight that just won't go away, and loss of joy were just a part of getting older.

When I finally saw a doctor who listened to me, she told me I was very close to spending months in the hospital just to get my nervous system to calm down and have the chance to heal.

Say what now?

She also warned that if I didn't get a hold of the chaos that I called my life, I would most likely be dead by 50.

That got my attention.

I thought I was doing everything right - taking care of the needs of everyone around me first. But women have learned, there is rarely time left for us to consider our own mental, physical, and spiritual health and that needs to change. RIGHT NOW.

When I finally made the decision that I was worthy of the love and care I so freely gave others, I dove into the deep end learning about how my body works, what it needs, and how to see the signs of dysregulation before it was too late. The effect on my life was transformative and it became clear that transformation is growth.

Not only was it MY time to live, but it became clear that I was being called to help other women do the same. I want to offer a light to those women who are trying to find their way out of the darkness. To leave breadcrumbs so when you are ready, you know exactly what to do and how to do it, getting you into a better place as fast as possible.

This is what the Blyss brand is all about. Click here to read the complete Origin Story.

Blyss Chick is a safe space where I can share my story of learning, healing, and transformation. How I opened myself up to seeing the wonder around me and embraced my authenticity. How I learned that I am more than the roles I assign myself and deserve to be 100% me.

Here, I can be raw, honest, and to the point. Get ready babe, because I was not meant to be subtle. Let's do this.


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